Privacy Policies

Lawyers in Ontario have a duty of confidentiality that prevents them from disclosing information without authorization. Furthermore, all lawyer-client communication is privileged from disclosure.

It is important to note that personal information means any information about an identifiable individual. We require personal information about you so that we can act as your lawyers. If we become your lawyers, then we need to collect and use personal information in order to properly represent you. During the course of your retainer, we will collect personal information. We do not collect any personal information without your consent. Subject to very limited exceptions, we cannot disclose your personal information, without your authorization.

The use of personal information is required to satisfy our obligations to the Law Society of Ontario to protect against fraud, conflicts of interest, and to effectively represent your legal interests in your matter.

We recognize that e-mail as not a secure medium and an electronic transmission of your information or other confidential information may be accessed by a party who is not intended to receive the information, potentially without our knowledge. You must be aware of this in the event that you communicate with us by e-mail and request, either impliedly or explicitly that we send you by e-mail personal or confidential information or advice. We interpret your use of email and electronic transmission as your explicit consent to communicating in these mediums.